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TeleLife & EZ-App

What is West Coast Life’s TeleLife® & EZ App?

TeleLife is a cost-effective, streamlined process to complete and submit term and universal life insurance applications.  The TeleLife process eliminates time delay caused by agent errors and improves placement ratio.

Agent Responsibilities

The agent can make the sale in person or over the phone by completing a short form application.  The agent has two options for the short application; TeleLife (short paper app) or the EZ-App on-line form.

Pre-application form

TeleLife: a one-page pre-application that can be mailed or faxed.

EZ-App:  an online form located at

The EZ-app link can be found by clicking here and after login click on the left navigation bar (EZApp). The Agent submits the form electronically through the web.  Once the application has been submitted a policy number will be assigned.

Initial Premium & Conditional Receipt Issue Rules

• Must be under 65 years old

• Total coverage applied for must be under $500,000

Accepted Payment Methods

• Check

• Check-o-Matic

• Credit Card (for initial payment only)

TeleLife® Procedures

After the application has been submitted the customer will be contacted by a TeleLife trained insurance interviewer to conduct a 20-minute medical and personal history interview. The interviewer will subsequently schedule a paramedical exam appointment for the customer.

TeleLife® Benefits

• Reduces APS orders

• No cost or fees to the Agent/Broker

TeleLife® Hours of Operation

Applicant Interviews

Monday through Friday…7am to 11pm CST

Saturday…………………. 9am to 2pm CST

TeleLife® Contact Information

• Phone Number: (888) 800-6608

• Fax Number: (888) 615-9619

• Email Address: homepage (access 24 hours a day)

• Address:

West Coast Life Insurance TeleLife

2500 Westfield Dr.

Elgin, IL 60124